AAF#2 – Austrian Artist Festival 2013 – REVIEW

so take a look at some great pictures and sound from our latest  „Pratersauna“ Labelshow on the 05.04.13 AAF#2 – Austrian Artist Festival 2013. For a whole month Pratersauna is proud to present LOCAL ARTISTS ONLY in our Venue. Meaning April is dedicated to our ‚Austrian hottest electronic Musicians‘! This is on the one hand to keep in mind, that local electronic music is more then competible in the Europeans music & club scene and also a statement against overprized international booking fees as well as the so called „Ausländersteuer“. Listen to the best electronic sounds from the Alps to the Danube. Opening curated by Aufguss

line up from this brilliant night : B. Fleischmann Didi Bruckmayr Dub Esque Electric Indigo M K I D Maximilian Meindl Richard Dorfmeister Soundsystem feat. 2MCs Uciel

shots from this night:


houztekk labelnight at pratersauna 05.04.2013 from MKID on Vimeo.


and one fav track out of this night straight out of uciel`s record collection

cu on the next dance floor!