Hans Staudinger

„Ignore the boundaries“ could pose as Hans Staudinger´s slogan. He is oscillating the classic and the contemporary in a surprisingly conclusive way. For him the dancefloors remain as one of the residual fields of experiments: „playing a dj set twice, would bore me to  ` deaf `. I always need the attendance of the unexpected.“ By picking up a weekly residency at Vienna’s most notorious underground techno shelter- the Donau Bar, Hans had to develop the capability of constantly reinventing his dj- philosophy, „otherwise“ he says hard- nosed: „I would have lost my audience in repetitive soundscapes.“ Needless to say, that the Donau became a hot spot for the growing minimal scene in Vienna.

His open- hearted attitude mark him as a real gentleman behind the decks, an artist who´s sets are noted for being passionate and sexy, wild but tolerant.

Currently his tracks appear on Flexschallplatten. Together with Ken Hayakawa he formed Staudinger&Scherder; their last remix for Jeff Bennett on Frosty Minimal (swe) hitted the dancecharts!

„Now and then“ on Flexschallplatten 001 is an ageless piece of art; it turns the attention on a theme, that keeps the confident happy mood of old house tracks based on a pumping bass line.


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