The German-born producer, DJ and Live-act founded the DJ-collective soundsilo
together with his colleague hadrian in 1998.
Soundsilo released four records on the austrian labels Zeiger and Natal so far,
and performed a lot of Liveacts in Cities around Austria and Germany during the years 2000 – 2004.
Over the course of time the members of the Soundsilo crew Hadrian, Renoa, Mars and Smyre
developed many different ideas and additionally started releasing tracks on their own on
international labels.
Renoa nowaday releases mainly on Brandnewvibe Recordings (Washington), but also on
local labels like Houztekk Recordings (Linz) and Petrol Dollar Recordings (Graz).
A lot of Renoa’s tracks are supported by Guest Singers and MCs to enrich the tracks
with something more lively, like his debut track on Brandnewvibe Recordings –
„Renoa feat. Moa Janes – Compile to work“. He also produced remixes for the artists
„Cedric Vital“ aka „Vertical Smile“ and „Dagaard and Morane“ which have been
released on the label Brandnewvibe too.


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