version3_webAndrea Fissore is an Italian artist based in Vienna.

His big love for music and his open mind are reflected in his unique style of productions and in his DJ Sets.

He works on two projects under different names: ‚Andrea Fissore‘ and ‚Fisso & Spark‘

Born and raised in the city of Turin he started his music journey DJing for a local hip hop crew. Later on he founded a sound system collective called Crop Circle Unit. Together they organized and played on raves in Italy and around Europe.


Some years later he moved to Vienna and started the ‚Fisso & Spark‘ project. Known as the finest Austrian Breakbeat duo, Fisso & Spark have started releasing stuff for Dead Famous Records back in 2009 and since then they have never saw back. They have managed to build a really strong profile in the Breakbeat and Electro scene with awesome releases for labels like Ground Level Records, V.I.M. Records, High Grade, Kick it! and many more.

Fisso & Spark’s tunes are breaking regulary the Beatport charts, getting support on BBC Radio One and are played by some of the biggest acts of the Breaks and Electro scene.

Lately they have been nominated as ‘Best New Producers’ in 2012 at the international Breakbeat Award in London – Breakspoll.

At the end of 2010 he started his single project ‚Andrea Fissore‘. With this he gives space to his passion for soulful house, tribal beats and big harmonies.

Only in 2011 he got over 30 releases on wicked labels like Sleep Is Commercial, Natura Viva, Wtf! Music, Tulipa Recordings, Gastspiel and many more, gaining global support and great feedbacks. A lot of new tunes are already signed for 2012 and ready to be released.

For almost a decade Andrea has been known for his impressive turntablism skills and his unique style when it comes to DJing.





Andrea Fissore Discography 2011 – 2012

Andrea Fissore  – Maerzstrasse – Tanztone Records
Andrea Fissore – Night In Hampi – Tulipa Recordings
Andrea Fissore – All is One EP – Cueplay Records
Dimitris Athanasiou – Kids On The Road – (Andrea Fissore Remix) – VIM Records
Andrea Fissore  – Coming Home EP – Basic Groove
lberto Croce – Soul Bleeds – (Andrea Fissore Remix) – Ampispazi Recordings
Andrea Fissore – Gone Far – Tulipa Recordings
Dimitris Athanasiou – Kenotomi – (Andrea Fissore Remix) VIM Records
Andrea Fissore – Nene Runs EP – Stilecht Rocken Records
Mozza! – Hey Hey – (Andrea Fissore Remix) – Fatal Music
Andrea Fissore – Breaking Frames – Balkan Connection
Andrea Fissore  – Nobody Knows EP – Undertechnical Recordings
Andrea Fissore – Nene Runs – Gastspiel Records
Andrea Fissore –  In Peace EP – Midnight Mood Recordings
Andrea Fissore – Bombaya EP – Renesanz Records
Andrea Fissore  – Early Morning EP – Diagonal Records
Andrea Fissore – Right Intention – Beat Tech Records
Andrea Fissore – Reflections – Menomale Music
Andrea Fissore – On The Beat – Sleep Is Commercial
Emtek – After – (Andrea Fissore Remix) Renesanz Records
Andrea Fissore – Por la Noche – Little Genius Records
Andrea Fissore – Partenze – Unison Recordings
Andrea Fissore – We Are One EP – Midi Mood Records Ltd
Andrea Fissore – Streets Of Coro EP – Baires Records
Will McGlone – Into The Dusk (Andrea Fissore Remix) Tulipa Recordings
Andrea Fissore – Turning Up – Natura Viva
Andrea Fissore – Liquid Sky – Natura Viva
Andrea Fissore – Oversea – Mahaba Records



Fisso & Spark  Selected Discography 2009 – 2012

Fisso & Spark – You Are Right EP – Dead Famous Records
Youthful Implants – Heatseeker (Fisso & Spark Remix) – Dead Famous Records
Robosapiens – Trip (Fisso & Spark Remix) – Dead Famous Records
Fisso & Spark – Bangers EP – Dead Famous Records
Hunter Vaughan – Guru – (Fisso & Spark Remix) Boink! Music
Prato – Acid Rain – (Fisso & Spark Remix)
Home Alone – The Sound (Fisso & Spark Remix) – Dead Famous Records
Fisso & Spark -Blow Your Mind Ep – Dead Famous Records
Retroid – Last Seraphim (Fisso & Spark Remix) – Ego Shot Records
Break The Box – Rock The Mic – (Fisso & Spark Remix) – Dead Famous Records
MartOpetEr – Acid Rain (Fisso & Spark Remix) – VIM Records
Digibox – Dubplate – (Fisso & Spark Remix) – KindCrime Recordings
Deenk – Move (Fisso & Spark Remix) – Hard & Hits
Fisso & Spark – That’s The Ticket – VIM Records
Tom Clyde – Zeit Geist (Fisso & Spark Remix) – Diablo Loco
Fisso & Spark  Stop for a Moment EP -Ridiculoud Records
Toy Quantize vs Cage Page – Remember The Feature (Fisso & Spark Remix) – Digital Sensation UK
Fisso & Spark – Fantasy EP – The Pooty Club Records
Fisso & Spark  – Bass Freak EP – High Grade Recordings (USA)
Fisso & Spark – Fantasy EP – The Pooty Club Records
Fisso & Spark 20/20 Ep – Blame Society Records
Yreane – Way Back Home (Fisso & Spark Remix) – Kick It Recordings
Fisso & Spark – So Good EP – Ventuno Recordings
Fisso & Spark – All Systems Are Functional EP – In Bloom Recordings
Kyle Cross – Hold On  (Fisso & Spark Remix)  Breakz R Boss Records
Fisso & Spark  – Mission Completed EP – The Pooty Club Records
Lucha Libre (Best New Label Breakspoll 2012 ) – V.A. – Diablo Loco Records
Fisso & Spark – High Times EP – Kick It Recordings
Fisso & Spark  – I Belong To You EP – Hard & Hits
Macho – Spear Of Destiny (Fisso & Spark Remix)  Diablo Loco Records
Fisso & Spark  – Technology EP – Distorsion Records
Fisso & Spark – Autobahn EP – KindCrime Recordings