Track of the Day – Marco Shuttle / The Vox Attitude

Our track of the day comes from Marco Shuttle. I discovered his music first via his release on the amazing Färden Sublabel Vidd. Vidd has only two releases so far, both of them are part of my sets since the moment the vinyl saws the light of day. Marco’s „The Vox Attitude“ is a beast of a track that never fails to deliver. Built around a haunting vocal sample, that cuts deeper and deeper into the brain. There is this moment in the track, when all the loose elements are bound together and the track is in full effect. This track brought me back into buying vinyl, when it was released.

Marco currently rereleased „the Vox attitude“ on his very own Eerie imprint, which sees a string of his own productions, ranging from cubby sounds to more acidic tracks, so far. Definitely a label to watch in the future. The Vox Attitude was recently rereleased on Marco’s own Eerie Imprint with great remixes coming from the great Joey Andersson and Pangaea. Both version keep the feeling of the original, but giving them a completely different direction. Marco also did some podcasts recently, so if you like dirty edgy raw electronic music, you better check them out too.

A great package EP, I can strongly recommend. Grab them as long as it’s out for a reasonable price. (nutrasweet)