Track of the Day – Various Artists – 9 (Autechre remix)


Our track of the day comes from an rather unknown german producer Torsten Pröfock. I stumbled upon this track 3 times on a single day, completely independently, so I took it as a sign to promote this gem here. Torsten might be better known under the aliases he is using. And there are quiet a view to mention. The most well known alias to me has been T++. I still playing his EP on MDR records from a couple of years a lot. Other aliases you might be familiar with is from the always great frozen border camp. The track I wanted to point out today is under his „various artists“ alias. It’s called 9 and comes in a very driving unusual remix from autechre. The track is quite uptempo and from the first note you recognize that they don’t intend to make any prisoners. A great track that will work only on very special floors. (nutrasweet)